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Why can I watch a movie on 1 firestick & pick up where I left off on another?

My kids were watching a Harry Potter movie 2 days ago and we left off at 1:49.  Tonight, they're at their dad's and wanted to watch the end.  When they pulled up the movie, it asked about starting at 1:49.  Yikes!
We both watched on Covenant.  We live 20 miles apart.  Different firesticks, wifi networks / providers.   Just worries me a bit about what else their dad might be able to see.
Thanks for your help!


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Same Amazon account?


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Maybe same Trakt account?

Maybe same Trakt account?

I don't think so unless he somehow got my info.  He's not that tech savvy so I doubt it.

Same Amazon account?

definitely different Amazon accounts.  I changed my password just in case, though.

Thanks so much for your help.  We're chalking this off to a strange anomaly.  Sure is weird, though.