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Parental Controls?


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Parental Controls?
« on: June 27, 2017, 01:32:42 pm »
Hi guys,

Just doing some thinking, we're driving over to France in August and i was considering putting kodi on my kids tablets for the journey. Does anyone know of any specific addons that do not show any adult content or of anyway of setting it up so they can't search for 18+ content? At the moment they use Exodus at home as we have a trakt list especially for them but we're always in the room with them anyway and obviously them being in the back of the car we won't really be able to see at all times what they're looking at! I think as long as my son can watch the lego batman movie on repeat he'll be happy 😂 My daughter however has got some 'interesting' results when she's searched for things in the past and is likely to click on them to find out what they are 😂

Parental controls are the bain of my life at the moment, I've spent hours this afternoon setting up a new tablet for my daughter!!!

Any advice or ideas would be welcome x