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Facing issues while Torrenting? Port Forwarding will solve this.


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So, A few days back when I was downloading a movie from torrent & it was seeding at it's best but the other day torrenting stopped and it wasn't working anymore. After researching on the internet and reviewing other people's queries. I came to realize that my ISP has blocked my ports which wasn't allowing the torrent to begin. Then, finally, I found the solution that Port Forwarding will solve this issue once in for all.
By the time, I was using PureVPN so while connected to VPN, I can't unblock the ports so the customer support told me that I would have to buy a Port Forwarding addon in my subscription then I would be able to unblock the ports and the configuration is very easy.
Thanks to Google that solution to every problem is now on my fingertips.
I am dropping a source. If any of you guys face such issue then do read it once. It will help you understand what is port forwarding and how it works.
Source: Port Forwarding


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Re: Facing issues while Torrenting? Port Forwarding will solve this.
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2018, 10:35:09 am »
But As I've searched Port Forwarding has a price and it costs a lot in terms of per month.