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Add-on help please


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Add-on help please
« on: November 03, 2018, 05:08:34 pm »
Hi gang,

Your help is needed. I'd appreciate it if you please bear with me whilst I give you my recent history.

I'd been happily using Placenta, Incursion and Neptune Rising for a while but then things started playing up so I threw it out and bought a new one. My new box came with the Wow skin which came with movie add-ons Deathstar and Diamondbackand both were rubbish (eg: Diamondback always freezes when finding sources) so I reverted back to Estuary skin and attempted to reinstall the old faithful apps - Placenta, Incursion and Neptune Rising.

Why? I think Exodus and its forks work best, have the best layout and best choice of content.

I quickly discovered that Blamo and co are no longer supported but I found recent-ish website articles detailing where to still install the add-ons as well as other recommended ones such as Magicality, Exodus, Redux and Magic Dragon but not only did the repo vary depending on which article I read but most didn't have the add-ons ( (I tried github, wilson-magic, mega-tron, ukodi and magicality to name a few). When I finally managed to find a source for Incursion and Exodus Redux, both run poorly - one source per film/TV programme that failed to play ('no stream found').

I DID manage to find Eggman repos Poached and Over Easy. OE was rubbish but Poached works like a dream, finding hundreds of sources per film - the only downside is it's the only quality add-on I've got!

I have a number of repos installed for movie add-ons but many don't work, including:

Magicality - no Magicality add-on
Mega-tron - no video add-ons

So right now I have just ONE good Exodus fork, no idea why the other Exodus forks are working so poorly, and other add-ons that either don't work or have a poor layout and/or content (eg: one add-on only lists films in alphabetical order - no year date or search function!).

Help if you can!

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Re: Add-on help please
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2018, 09:28:25 pm »
Try my daily use list in the Kodi addons thread....its all good....RB