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Kanzi Alexa

Kanzi Alexa
« on: July 16, 2019, 07:09:51 am »
Has anyone set up the Kanzi skill with DNS?

My port forwarding is working, i can access Kodi via the ddns domain, but still no skill action.

Are my scheme and address entries correct?

Do i need to add an extra bit to the url?

# The Kodi webserver only supports HTTP, but if you've set up a reverse HTTPS
# proxy you can change this to https.
scheme   = http
address  = mydomain.ddns.net
port     = 8080
# If using a reverse proxy you might need to add an extra bit to the url
# before "jsonrpc" (don't use slashes before or after).
subpath  =
username = kodi
password = 88888898888