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FFMPEG Recorder as external player


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FFMPEG Recorder as external player
« on: September 14, 2019, 04:56:25 pm »
Hi all!

I got bored testing different addons in regard to downloading videos, as none of them seems to work the way i want, so i decided to make use of ffmpeg configured as an external player.

By doing that it will be avaliable for all addons that has playable links, and the download for most part goes on in the background, so i can continue to use kodi while it is ongoing.
You can even start multiple downloads at the same time if you wish, depending on what source you use.

Added option is now that you can watch while you are downloading, this is especially useful on livestreams.
This is done thru a "pipe", so no extra bandwidth is being consumed.

So here's how you do it:

Download ffmpeg from here: https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/

It's a zip archive, so no installation required, just extract ffmpeg.exe & ffplay.exe to a location of your choice. they both have to be in the same folder.

For this purpose i have made a custom program to simplify, called FFMPEG_Recorder.exe that you can find a link to at the bottom.
Download it and put in the same folder as ffmpeg.exe,
or some other permanent location from where it will work as a "dummy player" before running it.

Now start FFMPEG_Recorder.exe, and point to the location of ffmpeg.exe,
after that you will be prompted for a download location for the videos.

After execution, 2 xml files will be created in the same folder as FFMPEG_Recorder.exe,
that is playercorefactory.xml & playercorefactory2.xml.

Copy those to the %APPDATA%\Kodi\userdata\ folder.

On the desktop a shortcut will be created called "FFMPEG_Recorder Default Change" that
toggles between the 2 xml files, making FFMPEG_Recorder.exe default player.

This is necessary, as some addons don't respect the "Play using.." context menu
and will revert to the default player, and others wont display a context menu at all.

Press "Q" to stop an ongoing recording/download.

Default container format is mp4, but you can change it by editing the Options
section in ffmpeg.ini to any of the formats supported by ffmpeg, and there are plenty.
In the Options section you can also edit the timestamp switch to off,
if you don't like it in the view window.
Recorded video don't have a timestamp.

Delete ffmpeg.ini to restart setup.

Created in Autohotkey

Download here: https://github.com/dobbelina/Playground/releases/download/v1.2-Windows/FFMPEG_Recorder-V2.zip

For those that want to compile it for themselves, here's the source files:
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Re: FFMPEG Recorder as external player
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2019, 05:29:53 am »
Major update to FFmpeg Recorder!

Added option to watch the video at the same time as it's being downloaded, this is especially useful on livestreams.
This is done thru a "pipe", so no extra bandwidth is being consumed.
You can also choose what type of container format you prefer by editing the ffmpeg.ini file.
mp4 is the default.

Download link is in the first post that i have edited with new instructions.

To download from the youtube addon, adjust it's settings like this:
Settings=>MPEG-DASH Disable
Settings=>Advanced=>Support alternative player Enable

Have fun with it!  ;D
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Re: FFMPEG Recorder as external player
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2019, 09:16:30 am »
Thanks dobbelina. Really interesting post...RB