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sharing windows media library files with firestick


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sharing windows media library files with firestick
« on: July 31, 2017, 04:23:31 am »
I have some music and videos on a windows machine (server 2016 essentials) I need to share with my firestick. After fighting with it all weekend, has anyone made this work in kodi or covenant?


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Re: sharing windows media library files with firestick
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2017, 01:08:12 am »
The only method that worked for me was windows smb. Once it was setup it worked great.
It was a pain to get my folders shared correctly but that was a windows issue.
Read this..

Buzz Marshall

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Re: sharing windows media library files with firestick
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2017, 11:14:58 am »
Depending on what platform your media is sitting on and its available protocols it should not be too much work...

Usually you just go to the Kodi menu for the type of media your trying to add (Video, Music, Pictures) and use the Add Files tag... that should open up the File manager which you can pick the protocol (smb,ftp...) and then add the source location you want and then name it and add it... Windows usually works ok with smb tho it can be setup via ftp as well...

If using smb and your not seeing the source on the network when Kodi's File manager is looking for it, that means you need to look at the winblows box you've got the media on and make sure its sitting in a shared folder and make sure its open (shared) for everyone...

Windows can be really picky about sharing and its gotten worse with every newer version of Windows because of its crappy firewall setup... XP was a breeze to setup file sharing while 10 just plain sucks unless you know your way around...

Sometimes the problem with windows is its easy to pollute windows registry with crap from bad attempts in setting stuff up that keep getting stepped on every time you try to correct what your doing while trying to get it to work...

If you've not done to much messing around you should be able to just right-click on the media folder you've got your media in and tell it to turn on file sharing and then set the sharing properties to everyone... as well i usually find its better to put the media in a folder that you create rather then use the built in one Winblows creates for each user, as that may help get you around windows trying to control sharing thru its user profile system where it has the public folder... it all kinda comes down to how messed up Windows can get and what version your on...

That should help you weed your way thru finding the media folder but if your not actually seeing the Windows machine to even pick the above part you may have to go thru a few other things to allow the firestick to see the windows box on the network in the 1st place... Alot of people use DHCP dished out by their routers which generally works ok and requires no real knowledge by the enduser but if for some reason you cant get devices to see your content server which in this case is your windows box a sure fired method to fix it would be to take your Windows box and set it to a static ip number from within the Ip class your router is dishing out (eg:192.168.0.xx) and then from Kodi when trying to add the source (windows machine your media is on) from Kodi's File manager use that ip address rather then trying to see the windows machine name and then carry on with what i mentioned up above...

Hopefully that will help point you in the right direction...