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IP cameras and Kodi


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IP cameras and Kodi
« on: July 27, 2017, 07:58:09 am »
Hi! New here, not massively tech minded but not completely useless either..

Anyway, I have a wifi IP camera, basic as they come. I can view on my phone and pc via the ip adress and apps but was wondering if there's anyway to link up to Kodi and even record thru it onto an external HD?

I've done some googling and discovered some addons that are supposedly compatible to view but the tech talk is confusing me. So if anyone knows of a decent, relatively easy to use software, please let me know!


Buzz Marshall

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Re: IP cameras and Kodi
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2017, 08:39:00 pm »
What platform you running kodi on,  and camera are you trying to use?

Ive seen a few different things floating around but i'm not sure how well they work and what features they support...

About a year ago i was looking into adding that as a feature to my own linux os that i run on my boxes and seen a few github repos kicking around that had a few things going...

In the end i just gleaned as much info as i needed from those githubs and then created my own which I coded right into my own kodi build which runs on specific Amlogic based boxes that i develope on... At some point in time i want to port the whole system over to a full blown linux pc but i'm just to busy time wise currently... 

Technically tho its not really a plug-in, at least not from the conventions of a normal kodi plug-in, it along with the game emulator are all part of the linux build...

I thought tho i had seen a few different ones kicking around tho... Surveillance Room i think was one that comes to mind as there were a few different guys that had taken the original repo which was discontinued a few years ago and ported it up to Jarvis and Krypton... the original developer i don't think went any higher then Isengard (15.2)...