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Newbie can't find workin streams for to 1960's shows, not sure if need other App

IP Van

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Lost In Space, and Kimba The White Lion show up in most apps with links to click on, however none of them work.  Lost In Space is currently on Hulu, Kimba is a very old cartoon that is probably less available.  If am trying other Apps, is there a way to search them first before taking the time to download them?  What is the best way to try to find these programs? 


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In the past I would have recommended using salts, but it's not being maintained anymore. I heard someone forked it, but I have no info beyond that. When I can't find things I always check YouTube, and sometimes Vimeo. Maybe someone else will have a better idea


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Just tried Lost In Space with Covenant, got 3 sources for Season 1 Episode 1. One source tried and it worked.
Tried SALTS same Season and episode got 15 sources tried one and it worked.

Just so you know...


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Take a look at the Archangel section of Bennu.

Tons of old shows (back to the 50's).  Lost in Space plays.  No sign of Kimba....


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Covenant has Lost In Space 3 seasons multi sources for each episode.
Can't stand Dr Smith he ruins it for me.
Now Logan's Run from 1976 only 14 episodes is not to be missed.
I did a dvd trade for it 10 years ago and it's nice to see it streaming on Kodi.