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Almost no streams on TV Box, but on my phone MUCH MUCH more, can't watch on TV

James Penrod

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TV Set up: basic MXQpro 4k box, comcast ISP, modem LAN to router, LAN to Android Box, Ares Wizard Optimized 480p playback

Phone Set up: LG G Stylo, MetroPCS 4GLTE, Ares Wizard Optimized 480p playback

All providers cleared, caches cleared (both systems)

When I try and watch something from the TV box, I get a few paltry stream sources, tops 3, usually most are just a copy of the trailers.

On my phone I get 30+ streams and I can actually watch what I'm looking for.

Though Specto - Fork seems to work for most, I still can't seem to watch any shows about a particular meth manufacturer and his adorable sidekick.

Anyone have any idea why this is like this?

(same results on TV box when using Exodus)


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Try 'Pulse' build via Ares Wizard ... factory rest box and start from scratch again :)


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  • You have a 50-50 chance if you follow my advice 😂
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Exodus and Specto are old news, you need some updated addons, Covenant, Elysium, Bob Unleashed, Bennu, etc...