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Kodi movies are in Zoom In mode.


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Kodi movies are in Zoom In mode.
« on: October 08, 2017, 02:07:39 am »
I have a minix x8-h plus that for years I move between the TV in the living room (50 ") and the bedroom (32") as needed.

Recently I noticed that when i move the TV to the bedroom (to the 32" tv). The movies in Kodi are in Zoom in , which cuts off parts of the picture.
I went into the device settings and did the calibration so that I could see the entire yellow stripe of the frame from all directions. I checked that in the TV settings I was not in zoom in and also in Kodi (which I'm not really familiar with in all its settings)
in my opinion the problem is in the definitions of the Kodi and not on television or in minix)

Can anyone help me with this?


Buzz Marshall

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Re: Kodi movies are in Zoom In mode.
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 01:20:31 pm »
Its hard to say as it could be with Android... Kodi usually just allows you set screen size based on what the OS is passing to it... Setting Kodi's screen resolution to the size you want and then do the calibration will make Kodi remember the over and under scan setttings based on the screen resolution you pick... but when changing the box to another tv it could be either the bootloader or the Android operating system is scanning and setting the resolution to a different setting... As welll it could be something in the CEC setup...

This much i do know... as good as minix is at supporting his stuff it seems like most of their updates are driven by cleaning up and playing with Androids look more then making a solid Kodi app... They make well made boxes but i know over the years they have had issues with Kodi not holding settings when they decide to change or enhance the launchers there always messing with...

Usually what happens when a box starts up is the bootloader in the box will set a video mode as part of it loading and then once its loaded and hands control over to Android which then will adjust it to what ever you've setup within Android and its settings... Kodi really is just another app that has retained over the years the ability to adjust the screen size and resolution...

Bootloader code is usually something outside the reach of many coders as its a sure way to kill a box but one of the things it does do is show you a Icon at startup which in the case of most Amlogic boxes is the Chipset logo from Amlogic and then any other banner or branding marks are getting run from the OS side as it boots the OS... since Amlogic's configuration tool got leaked a few years back more and more dealers are trying to brand their boxes at bootloader level and have messed with the graphic size leading to weird video mode changes when the OS takes over... Coders  have been messing with U-boot code to try and get it to pick between a few different coded in sizes by how it detects the monitors ability via hdmi and to be honest i find it doesn't work very good in some cases...

Seeing as you seem to imply it was working ok for some years and now its not makes me respond in the manner i have as if you think of things like a tree or directory structure you will see that Kodi is dependant on Android in this case which is somewhat dependant on the  bootloader... so if something changes in the systems its running on then the overscan or underscan settings that Kodi has stored based on one tv are getting mangled or lost when moving the box to the other set...

As well my comments are based more so on how the system interacts and depending on the Kodi version if you have done a recent upgrade could as well be the source of the issue... I say this only because i know Minix always was trying to use their own version of Kodi which was tied to a couple of coders over there... so it is posible someone messed something up in their coding for Kodi...  Over the years ive worked on a lot of minix box's and this would not be the 1st time i have seen Kodi do some kinda of annoying and weird things on his boxes... they are like most other dealers trying to compete and having a supposedly customized version of Kodi is always a sign of something to stay away from as in most cases the only thing really special is just a bunch of branding alterations and pre-loading of stuff... 

There are quite a few Android Kodi versions and usually when i see something like this the 1st thing i look at is if its running Official Kodi from the Team or something else... and then if after going thru all the Andriod stuff i mentioned earlier i would remove the copy of Kodi on the box and re-install with a Official Version and see what happens... if the issue goes away then it was the version of Kodi you had on the box... Minix boxes were one of those systems that have autoupdate always on and they seemed to push a lot of kinda useless firmware updates that were really nothing more then cosmetic changes and constantly loading whatever they were promoting in Android Appz...  Kinda a real pain cause all the crap you pitched that you didn't want in Android would get restored every time they pushed a firmware update and i know from experience loosing settings was a issue at times...

You should try to think back and see if you can equate the change in behavior to anything in particular as far as updates as that might help narrow down whats happened...