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Movie on one device but not another


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Movie on one device but not another
« on: September 24, 2017, 11:19:23 pm »
I have Covenant on my galaxy s8, i am able to watch most new movies, but when using same setup but on nivida device I cant even find the same movies. What is going on here? Whats differnt between the 2 ?


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Re: Movie on one device but not another
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2017, 10:08:55 am »
Might be the settings for covenant are different on each device. Some providers may be different between the two.

Maybe copying the settings.xml file for covenant from the S8 to the Nvida could fix it. Shutdown Kodi before copying the file. Covenant uses the URL resolver addon and you might have some different settings there as well...so copy that settings.xml file as well.

Buzz Marshall

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Re: Movie on one device but not another
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2017, 08:24:46 pm »
your not comparing apples to apples here...

how Android runs on a box compared to how Android runs on a touch screen device like a phone or tablet are not really the same other then they are both running on Android operating systems...

Android was written for touch screen devices so that means everything Android does and how the hardware and other software interact is the way it was coded for and meant to run...

Android running on some Android box or other embedded device are running a generic version which means theres some things that work better on one device compared to others... Androids been hacked by companies like Amlogic to provide to the factories using their SoC's in the boxes they build with a operating system... in most cases the factories are cheap and use that generic Android version without it really being tailored to the hardware they use so that they can avoid the cost of paying coders... Amlogic provides the service as part of the support they offer to the fab shops...

Now when it comes to Kodi... The Official release for Android as well tends to be very Android specific so it usually runs better on things like phones and tablets but again when it comes to Android boxes its a real hit and miss... this is why theres been developments over the years where some coders interested in some particular box he's got and hes taking on the task of improving how Kodi works on his hardware by altering/adding and recompiling his own version of Kodi to run better on his hardware... Some prefer staying on Android while others turn to Linux... Thing is its time consuming and the guys doing so in a lot of cases are now private and not releasing as much as they did because most are sick of the dealers making the money off their work... But if you truly want Kodi to really fly and be reliable its the only real way... Even with the Team coders Androids not high on the list anymore as like the ATV box the ones originally coding for that stuff have moved on and most these days are more interested in the mainstream like Windows or Mac and Linux... so the Android releases are more or less tested against the phone or tablet market while leaving the box guys to either put up with whats being put out or fix it yourself...

I realize my answers not fixing your issue but i post it just to help dispell why its not really a good idea to make the comparison your making... had you said you had 2 nvidea boxes with one working and the other not i would have responded differently...

Some more info on the nvidea may be helpful tho..