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Select genre categories not working


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Select genre categories not working
« on: September 28, 2017, 06:41:24 pm »
Hi guys... first time on here so I'm hoping I can get some help or advice. I have the same problem with a couple of addons... Elysium... Covenant that have stumped me... can i explain... I want to watch a sci-fi program using Elysium... drop down through TV Shows to Genres... click on sci-fi... thinking about it wheel.... then nothing. Hmmm try it again only going through the Fantasy sub menu and it works fine. After a while that stops too and I do the same with the Horror sub menu. Eventually I end up having to use search. I get the same thing happening in Covenant

I'm running kodi 17.4 on Android 6.0 box. A reinstall of the addon clears it. Clear cache doesn't work nor does a hard reboot. I'm tired of reinstalling kodi then skins then configuring addons again and again and it was a quick fix. I really really need to get my head round this and try to understand what is causing it and what, if it's out there, the fix is.... preferably before my box gets launched out of the window  :)

Hope to get a reply from a genius... this one has me cornered .... thanks to one and all.  ;D


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Re: Select genre categories not working
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2017, 07:03:51 pm »
I would enter your own API keys for Elysium and Covenant and see if that helps

Buzz Marshall

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Re: Select genre categories not working
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2017, 09:34:12 pm »
without scouring thru your system its hard to say whats actually causing it but from what you've described...

somethings messing with the database and screwing up the categories field... that would be my initial quess... usually you can spot stuff like that by pitching the database which it should recreate as a blank template on the next startup... if pitching that works without having to remore/reinstall the addon then thats whats going on...

ive seen that happen with kodi's main database before as well and if it gets bad enough it will let kodi bootup to just prior to the home screen fully populating and then sit there... pitching the movie database usually will fix that but at the loss of whatever content you had scanned into it... addons sometimes if you get to many that don't like to play nice with each other sometimes do the same thing and pitching the addons db will make kodi recreate a new one based on what it see populating the install directory and sometimes sort things out..

database issues usually wont be corrected by clearing caches or rebooting... the mess is already corrupted in the db tables so the only way to fix it is to use a database editor to correct things if you know what your doing or just pitch the db files associated with the addon causing the issue and let the app recreate a fresh one... some addons will use kodi's main move/tv database and in that case thats the one to pitch...

in your case it sounds like somethings cross-linking the category fields improperly after the intial db's been installed and then written to after the fact...

sorry i meant to add... as far as to what and why thats happening its hard to say but if you've got some type or favorites addon or some type of organizational addon installed it could be one of them...
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