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« on: October 14, 2017, 09:51:18 am »
I have fire stick and have a lot of addons but....

repositories - don't how to get addons from repositories.

I use .zips and then going to the repositories to get in the addons.

Can't go direct to the repositories and get addons?

Any guide to navigation how to Kodi after installation.



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Re: Newbie
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2017, 07:14:28 am »
Check out wookiespmc.com
they have lots of builds. (addons installed) also you can join Wookie Community on Facebook for help

Buzz Marshall

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Re: Newbie
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2017, 09:47:06 pm »
i don't use any of the Amazon Fire boxes but the basics of Kodi and Addons is pretty much the same...

Addons or Plugins basically are initially installed as a zip file... what may change is how you get the zip file, as you can either install the addon directly from a zip that you already have stored someplace locally OR you can direct Kodi to go out and get it from some network source such as a repo site...

So for you to load a Addon you need to either get the zip file yourself and place it someplace locally like a local computer or memory stick and put that into the box with Kodi and then from within Kodi go to the Addons section and look for the "install from a zip file" menu selection and then in the popup file manager point it to where ever it is you saved the zip file... after that if the zip is valid and the Addon compliant with the version of Kodi your using the Addon will be installed...

The other way to get the Addon would be via some repo site thats known to hold the Addon zip file your looking for, which is basically the same as above BUT 1st you need to load the repo sites address into Kodi's list of known repositories...

You do that by either using the "install from zip file" menu item as above because you already have the zip file which will start by having repositoryxxxxx.zip as the name which will work as above but rather then installing a Addon will install instead the repositorys location and associate it to whatever you decide name it as... the other alternative method of adding a repository is to use Kodi's File Manager and tell it to add a new source and in the popup menu insert the web address of the repository and then name it and save on the way out...

Once the repository is installed in Kodi you can now go about adding the Addon your trying to add by going back into Kodi then Addons only this time pick the "install from repository" menu item which will bring up a list of installed repository's that you can now navigate thru to find the Addon your looking for in the 1st place and actually install it...

so to wrap up... you need to get have the Addon's zip file already or install a repo into kodi prior to trying to adding the Addon your looking for...

think of a repo site kinda like your library as its usually a collection of Addons tho is possible for a repo to just contain one thing... anyways the point is if you wanted to checkout a book from the library you need to know the address of the library prior to getting the book you want...

*note...  make sure prior to doing any of the above that you go into Kodi's Settings area and then Add-ons and then on the menu on the right hand side make sure to check the "Unknown Source" box and answer Yes on the way out...

That should give you the basic idea of how things work and if everything goes ok and the Addon is compatible with your version of Kodi and system you should be good to go... you may still have to do some setup with each particular Addon your installing still...

as well i meant to say... if your just learning i really really would advise to NOT be playing with Builds as they can be great when the work but when things go wrong they can be a real headache to next to impossible to fix for someone that seriously does not know their way around... stick the basics till your at least comfortable in your skillset...
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