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Fusion vs Superrepo, 1channel vs Covenant, Here you go.


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Fusion vs Superrepo, 1channel vs Covenant, Here you go.
« on: October 16, 2017, 10:27:54 pm »
Why is everyone trying to use new addon or every new thing? Why are people using fusion? What's the difference?

I just use superrepo on my Wetek Core, Kodi 15.2, I can update if I want but choose not to. I use 1channel by primewire and have no issues. Just disable IPV6, use ipv4, accept http, not just https in your modem. viola, no problem.

If you want a good box, only by Wetek, 2 year warranty, 24/7 tech support.
Also, Wetek has their fork of Kodi, that's even better called Weplayer, it also has 4k netflix, and way more.

Use Aptoide app and aptoide tv app for downloading netflix, spmc, or anything else, better than Googleplay.
I am not an expert but it seems to work for me. What is covenant?
1channel is still the best if you ask me. For iptv, just use addon for free. But who wants to watch TV anyway?

Anyway, I hope to learn more, maybe find a mentor, build my own box and website. If anyone can help me with learning, I would like that.

To get into your modem, type in the or whatever generic ip.

You are welcome, thank you.

Buzz Marshall

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Re: Fusion vs Superrepo, 1channel vs Covenant, Here you go.
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2017, 07:26:10 pm »
Think of Fusion and Super Repo like the library as they both collect and distribute Addon's and both have their own install/maintainance type of program to look after your box...

TvAddons (fusion) over the years has been a lot more active in the development part of Addons then Super Repo as he also created what was supposed to be a safe working space and distribution platform from the Addon coders he was trying to attract... Xbmchub as it was originally known was a pretty good site but after changing its name to TvAddons its focus seemed to shift to making money and using its services to create and sell solutions to box dealers looking for a easy way of passing the buck when it came to supporting Kodi and its addons on the boxes they sold to people...

Anyways thats kinda what Super Repo and TvAddons (fusion) are about...

Addons like Covenant, Exodus and most others are just addons used to give Kodi the ability to get and stream links from a lot of the various file locker(resolver) sites...Covenant just happens to be the current version of older addons that were basically renamed and updated as newer versions of streaming methods changed...

WeTek is ok but basically its still just another Android style box... it kinda sprang up because of the original OpenELEC project which was a small linux os constructed to basically support Kodi and nothing else... Wetek decided to have hardware made specifically run OpenELEC... as such it was very well supported for anyone only interested in running Kodi and streaming but runs on a very narrow range of hardware... In reality tho weteks hardware other then the lockchip is basically just another Amlogic based Android box...

Over time because of a variety of things LibreELEC sprang up as a fork because some of the coders from the OpenELEC scene wanted to run on a bigger variety of hardware which has actually made LibreELEC more current and active then OpenELEC has become... OpenELEC's main focus seems to be supporting Wetek which a lot of users think are pretty much one and the same now...

The box your running was one of the 1st of the Dealer boxes that offered dual boot setup so it could still offer users the use of Android while still offering the ability to run a Linux based setup...

For anyone not interested in using any of the normal Android apps that come on a box because they just start Kodi up all the time and look for stuff to stream, then running a Linux version of Kodi on a small linux operating system yields a much more reliable and better performing experience from the same box...

As well OpenELEC and LibreELEC (which is a fork of OE) are NOT full Linux distributions, but rather they are small stripped down versions of Linux designed to provide a Linux based version of Kodi what it needs to run on that particular hardware...  whereas other Linux versions around provide a much more complete distribution of Linux capable of running more then just Kodi...

It all comes down to what your specific needs are and how much you want to immerse your self into the hobby...

someone wanting to just watch media without any extra work probably should just become one of the sheep and use Super Repo or install Tvaddons stuff and let them take control of your box and updating as they see fit, while anyone worried about security and retaining control over their own devices will find they need to commit to spending some time learning the how's and why's so they can do a lot more on their own...

As to the why of everyone trying to use new... its basically because the older versions of things are receiving less and less amounts of access to certain types of streams, so to keep things going they are updating to newer versions of a lot of things... in your case using the Wetek box your somewhat more fortunate at getting away with older versions of stuff as Wetek/OpenELEC provide some of the better support out there when compared to most people and the typical Android box's that they buy...


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Re: Fusion vs Superrepo, 1channel vs Covenant, Here you go.
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2017, 08:17:45 am »
Great post..

Superrepo is garbage FYI